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The reason we chose a factory in Queens, NY, as a small women owned business, we wanted to support another small business and have high quality products.

These prints are limited edition.

Dripp & Dropp, LLC created an innovative protective car seat and stroller cover with an APPROVED DESIGN PATENT.

The intention of the design is to be able to use, carry and store with ease. 

The first product we’re introducing to the market is a universal fleece cover for car seats and strollers. It shields the infants and toddlers from snow/cold, heavy winds, as well as germs. With our transparent window you are not covering your baby's face at anytime and have easy access with our easy removable velcro, it also has reflector band for night vision and safety.

Our Universal covers comes in 2 sizes, for carseat and Strollers, this is unique but also so handy, especially when you have a newborn and toddler where you can use either one or both at the same time. To make our product even more convenient, the covers are small enough to fit in a waterproof pouch that can either be stored in your hand bag or hang on the stroller bar. We also designed it with a small zipper for easy access to carry the carseat from the car to stroller.

Machine wash warm or cold with like colors on gentle cycle. Remove immediately and hang to air dry. Hand wash the waterproof pouches, do not use dryers. 

make sure it's Installed correctly, our baby car seat covers do not not interfere with the baby car seat restraint system and it does not go between the baby and the car seat cushion. Do not use our product if they become damaged in anyway. Never leave your child unattended while using the car seat cover. Keep product away from open flames, candles and gasoline.
Our product is not water proof but the pouches are (Please enjoy them in the rain or snow). When travelling in a vehicle please remove the cover from the car seat. Make sure that the velcro on our baby car seat and strollers covers are fully open or fully closed and that the front coverage are kept out of babies arm reach to prevent suffocation or choking. Make sure that the child does not put any part of this product in his/her mouth at anytime. 
Safely stow the product away in their original waterproof pouches when not in use. Do not alter, add to, or use other third-party accessories with this product, doing so may compromise the safety of your child.

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